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5 Guided Priority for Technical SEO

The Priority of Technical SEO
The Priority of Technical SEO

Imagine you're in charge of a library, a place where people come to find books. Technical SEO is like making sure that everyone can find the library easily and once they're inside, they can find the books they want without any trouble.


Here's how technical SEO works for a website:

  1. Crawling and Indexing: Think of the internet as a big city with lots of buildings (websites). Search engines like Google are like librarians who need to know about every book (web page) in the city. "Crawling" is when these librarians visit each building to see what books they have. "Indexing" is like them making a catalog of all the books so they can remember where each one is. If your library (website) is easy to find and the catalog (index) is clear, more people can find and use your books.

  2. Site Architecture: This is like how your library is organized. If you have signs saying “Fiction over here” or “Science books there”, people can find what they want quickly. On a website, good architecture means having clear sections and labels so visitors know where everything is, just like a well-organized library.

  3. Website Speed: Imagine if it took a long time for the library doors to open every time someone wanted to come in. People might get impatient and leave. A fast website is like having doors that open quickly, so visitors can enter easily and start browsing.

  4. Mobile Optimization: Many people might visit your library using their smartphones, just like they browse the internet on their phones. Mobile optimization means making sure your website is easy to use on a phone, just like making sure your library is accessible and easy to navigate for people using mobile devices.

  5. User Experience (UX): This is all about how people feel when they're in your library. Is it easy to find books? Is the place comfortable and inviting? Good UX on a website means making sure visitors have a pleasant experience, can find what they need without trouble, and enjoy their time on the site.

Just like how you'd make your library the best place for book lovers, Technical SEO is about making your website the best place for visitors and easy for search engines to find and share with others!

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